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Shoes by Signature Bespoke

Signature Bespoke is extremely proud to provide luxury footwear in collaboration with De Gier.

De Gier dates back to 1935, relying on the teaching of 4 generations of expertise and workmanship. The variety of the shapes and the seductive colours enhance the uniqueness of the shoes. We seek to design shoes that are unique and innovative, in order to create a unique pieces perfect for the gentleman’s wardrobe.

Each pair is made with enormous passion, manually developed by technically skilled craftsmen. Creating not only top quality shoes, but elevating footwear to the point that man could feel it and admire it in the same way he does with other forms of art.

Elegance is an intrinsic value to our shoes, and it is shown by the style and grace of each pair. We seek the noble and beautiful form of footwear. We work with great care to manifest the perfection of the shoe.

And always remember, you spend 50% of your time in shoes and 50% of your time in bed; so it pays to invest in both!